Discover Your Inner Musician


What is DYIM?

DYIM is a truly unique musical experience. At the core of this experience is an interactive musical exhibit. This exhibit allows users to make music without having to master the technical skills that one would normally have to learn to be successful in playing a traditional musical instrument.

The interface of this device features arcade buttons that the user plays by tapping or pressing with hands. Three users will play this instrument at once, keeping to the notes in their “sector”. Each sector will also feature performance shaping elements that will increase interactivity within the group. The performance will be output in realtime by an on-board sound system and feature a hardware visualizer.

DYIM at Philly Tech Week

The Reasoning Behind DYIM

Music is an interesting word. Just say the word. “Music.” The word evokes such a wide range of emotional, and physical reactions because it represents something, for some, that is almost spiritual. Many people love music. They listen and enjoy this experience constantly. How come more people don’t try to make music though? There is the old saying - “Some people have it, some people don’t”. Do most people think that they can’t make music?

Musicians aren’t the only ones that have musical thoughts and emotions. The environment of learning and pre-existing physical abilities, however, have a huge impact on either “having it” or not “having it”. This project will present a unique opportunity for people that think they “don’t have it”. It will allow users to overcome obstacles to their inner musician and express the musical ideas they have within.

Appearances and Accolades

  • Philly Tech Week Signature Event
  • Verizon Innovation Gala
  • Philadelphia University Board of Trustees Direct Presentation
  • Tech in Motion
  • Ellucian's eLive 2016
  • Philadelphia University Business Choice Award

Want to See the Process?

View the Master's Thesis Design Document