Discover Your Inner Musician

DYIM is a truly unique musical experience. At the core of this experience is an interactive musical exhibit. This exhibit allows users to make music without having to master the technical skills that one would normally have to learn to be successful in playing a traditional musical instrument.

Dorm Room of the Future

Dorm Room of the Future, represents the direction that technology plays in a students life and education. Presented at Ellucian’s eLive conference, viewers received a performance on an hourly basis in a physical built environment, that showed how a real student’s experience would evolve based on technology trends and gaps currently present.

Transfer Equivalency Self Service

Ellucian’s Transfer Equivalency allows potential transfer students to perform an informal audit of potential transfer credits and see how they might contribute to a degree program at a new institution.

Ellucian VR

Ellucian Cardboard became a centerpiece of Ellucian's World Tour, a mainstay for Ellucian's eLive conference, a key driver of innovation in terms of device agnostic design, and a customer favorite.

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